22 March 2013

Things you don't know about AC DC

1) Angus Young learned to play guitar with five years.
2) Before Bon Scott joined to AC DC he was the driver of the band.
3) When he was at school, Bon joined the percussionists and he entered the Fremantle Scott Band of the school. At 16, he was expelled from high school to have problems with students and the law.
4) As he could not continue his studies he found a job as a postman and in evenings worked as a bartender and in the bar he could hear rock bands that were playing live.
5) In the old bands where Bon was also successful and reached to open as Geordie, where the band was the vocalist Brian Johnson.
6) And Bon with AC DC Angus Scott told he had been the opening act for a band called Geordie and said that he loved as the vocalist Brian Johnson did his work reaching very high notes hard to do and Aungus replied that if something would come to pass, he would not hesitate to hire Johnson.
7) When the tragedy happened they immediately went looking for a new vocalist. Upon hearing the news, Brian sent his demo to hear. Angus remembered what once told Bon and  they hired Johnson without hesitation.