23 May 2012

My Journey to “El Chorro”

On the 7th of May, we went to “El Chorro” in Malaga, it is a lake made by men it's a reservoir. We went with our teachers of P.E. and natural science. We stayed there until seven o'clock in the evening.

We left Torremolinos at nine o'clock in the morning. We arrived there about ten o'clock. When we arrived, we went to see the dam and our teacher explained some things about it. Then, we went to do trekking. We went to see “El caminito del rey” but it was very dangerous. Then, we went to eat because we were hungry. After that, we went to a little beach, we could swim or play in water. At half past two, we had lunch. At four o'clock, we went to swim with the pedal boats. We left “El Chorro” at half past six and we arrived at Torremolinos at half past seven in the evening. It was so funny!.

I went to the ball

El novato la ha liado 2.0

I notice you

Spiderman on Monday morning

Cuando alguien te cabrea

Cuando intentas hacer el “shufflin”

Cambiando el estado de ánimo


Art with the banana

Flying incident

17 May 2012


EL novato la ha liado

Space Adventure

You will live in a futurist apartment with computers in every room. Each apartment will have one or two robots.
There will be flying cars and buses. These will be safer because you walk on the ground.
The children will study at home, at school or everywhere because their phones will have holograms.
In your free time, you will play Virtual Reality games, new sports and you can play traditional games with a computer or a robot.