20 June 2012

Los Pinares Woodland

The woodland is divided into two parts, one part of the woodland is located next to the High School and the other part is located next to the Aquapark. The woodland is a well-known place in Torremolinos. The trees are tall and leafy. It's a good place to have a picnic because it's peaceful.

1- This picture shows some flowers in the woodland like the mallow or the chicory.
2- This picture shows some Aleppo pines. There isn't a native specie because they have been planted by the humans.
3- This picture shows a nest in the woodland
4- This picture shows an ant nest in the woodland.
The slogans are:
-Keep our forest green.
-Bikes not bombs.
-Act like you life here.
-Save the Earth win the life.

In the first place the woodland is a quite large area where you can spend the day or walk around the zone. In this place is celebrated the Romeria, it's an old tradition. There are few birds like pigeon or sparrow. There are lots of trees like Aleppo pine. There are many types of plants like wild carrot, bush, hipomea, dandelion, mallow, chicory and creepy weed. Secondly in the woodland there are many facilities for the visitors like stone tables or barbecues, but in summer you can't make campfires. There are also natural springs. Thirdly you can celebrate birthday parties in the woodland but you can't camp there. Another wonderful thing about this place is its natural spring of drinking water. The best thing about the woodland is that you can spend the day with your family or your friends. Finally the woodland is placed next to Aquapark so you can go there and then you can have lunch in the woodland. You can also visit “El Molino de Inca”. I think the woodland is important because the trees produce the oxygen that we need to breathe and in the woodlands there are many animals an types of plants. People can help by cleaning rubbish and not doing barbecues that can cause fire.

19 June 2012

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Los Pinares woodland project

Watch the videos on Woodlands in “ Fresh as a Daisy” and think about these questions:
Why are woodlands important? Because the trees produce the oxygen that we need to breathe.
What do you expect to find there? I expect to find many rocks and a lot of trees.
What are their main threats? The main threats are grazing, clearance, neglect, rubbish tipping and invasion by non-native species.

5th June : (in class).Write your opinions and findings about these three questions in this project sheet. What's your say?

6th June: Visit to Los Pinares Woodland and El Molino de Inca
Timing: 8.30-13
Assembling point : IES Los Manantiales main entrance at 8.30.

-BE ABSOLUTELY SILENT to take some WILDLIFE pictures.
-KEEP TOGETHER,if you need to go to some place ,ask kindly for permission.

1st Stop at 8.45 .Los Pinares picnic facilities near our school. 30 minutes.
2nd stop at 10 .Los Manantiales fountain.
Visiting El Molino de Inca from 10.30-11.30 Break for elevenses. 20 minutes
Visiting Los Viveros or Greenhouse11.45-12.30
Back to school: arriving time 13 h.


Los Pinares Woodland



pine trees, holm oaks ,cork oaks,palm trees,poplars,olive tree...

How many?
Can you name them?
What do they look like?

Ficus, ficus benjamina, fig, laurel fig, wild carrot, tuya, bush , hipomea, dandelion, londonplane tree, furcrea, wild olive tree, wild oats, borragos, wild tabac plant, mallow, chicory and creepy weed.

-Many pine trees
-I found Aleppo pines
-They look dry.
SOIL/ ground layer
(mossy, lichens, poor, rich, pebbly, sandy, stony,...)

Quantity of shrubs,grassland,bushes...
What does it look like?

-The soil is poor and stony with some lichens and it is pebbly in some areas.

-There is some patch of grassland
-There isn't shrubs
-There isn't bushes
Little mammals,insects and creepy crawly,birds,fowls,little reptiles...
How many?
Can you name them?
What do they look like?

-2 pigeons and many ants
-Ant and pigeon
-They look like healthy.

How many ?
Can you name them?
What do they look like?

-Two fountains
-Many stone tables
-Many stone barbecues
-They look like old
How much ?
What kind?

-There aren't much waste
-Drinks and food waste
-In the pine trees area.
Feria,Sports fields,Crocodile park, Aqualand...
What are they for?
In the surroundings there are the fair, the sports fields, the crocodile park, and the Aqualand.
-To entertainment
El Molino de Inca
A bit of history
What was it used for?
What´s now?
What can you find here?

It was used to make flour.
Now it is a botanic garden
Many types of plants
Your report (only facts)

It is/isn't
They are/aren't
There is/are
There isn't /aren't
We couldn't find any...
The woodland has...
It looks like...
It has...
It doesn't have
It was...
They were
-There are many types of plants and trees like: ficus, ficus benjamina, fig, laurel fig, wild carrot, tuya, bush , morning glory, dandelion, london plane, furcrea, wild olive tree, wild oats, boragos, wild tabac plan, mallow, chicory, Aleppo pines and creepy weed.
-There are some waste in the woodland.
-We could see only ants, a sparrow and pigeons.
-There aren't many birds.
-We couldn't find any mammal.
-The woodland looks healthy and wet because it was foggy.
-It doesn't have toilets.
Your opinion
I liked/ I didn't like
I think...
For me,...
In my opinion....
I´d like to...

-I liked visiting the woodland. I didn't like the mill because we stayed there very short time.
-I think the woodlands are very important.
-In my opinion we should be more careful with it .
Your advise
We should...
We shouldn't...

-We should clean all the woodland
-We shouldn't