16 March 2012

Our Survey

We asked 24 people. Most of them were 40 years old women.
We have 24 comments. 5 of them are sexist comments.
Here are some examples:
- (sexist) Men generally have more strength.
- (sexist) Women are more sensitive than men.
- They can do the same work.
- Today men and women don't have the same rights at work and in society yet, it is not allowed, it shouldn't be so.

We made men and women silhouetes to post the comments.
We found slogans for the banners. Here are some examples:

- Marriage is not a sex contract.
- A feminist is any women who tells the truth about her life.
- When men are opressed, it's a tragedy. When women are opressed, it's a tradition.

- Equal rights are not special rights.

  • Daniel Barrionuevo
  • Antonio Jaime
  • Juan Soler
  • Jose Carlos de Pedro
  • Autana Arias